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K&R's pricing is within $3. of any legitimate dealer selling offically imported USA cameras & lenses. Beware of "Gray Market" or "Import" products or Warrantee by dealer or "Kits" made up of cheap mostly useless stuff

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Hasselblad New Amazing X2D-100c Camera

NEW  907X / CFV-100C Just Arrived.  Exciting!!
Canon Spring into New Gear with K&R
NIKON Lenses Savings
Sigma Sensor Favorites Lenses
Nikon NEW 85mm f/ 1.2  Lens
14mm f/1.4 WOW Astrophotography Lens
Tamron Mega Sale at K&R
Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad X1D II

BUY a X1DII-50c
now  only $5750

X1D II 50c

Hasselblad from K&R 
Call Today 859-341-6986

X2D 100C now in Stock

NIKON Z Lens Green Savings thru APRIL

Hasselblad X1D Promo

Buy our store demo

The X1D body
$Special for the body (Orig. List = $8995)

Sigma Art Lens Deals

SIGMA & K&R Lens Special  Deals

Come in & BUY the Lens that you REALY Wanted

Broncolor PARA Lighting Control Shapers

Broncolor PARA's

Nothing Beats the Broncolor Para
for creative light control

Now can be adopted to other manufacturer's light heads

How about a PARA with your PROFOTO 

How about a PARA with your BOWENS Mount head

How about a PARA with your Speedotron

TetherTools SmartShooter 4 Software

K&R now has great Tethering Software
  Talk to us about SmartShooter 5

Nikkor Instant Savings on Mirrorless Nikon cameras at K&R
NIKON Z9 Unmatched Video performance
Star Trail Hasselblad X1DII-50c ©Steve Barger

Star Trail Hasselblad X1DII-50c
©Steve Barger

Hasselblad X1DII-50c & 907x

both in Stock

nikon Z Mirrorless Lenses

NIKON  Z 6 II's  &  Z 7 II's now in Stock


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