K&R's Superior Sensor Cleaning

We not only clean the sensor, but also the Camera
The Mirror Box, Mirror, bottom of viewing screen, autofocus sensors & cavity
Electrical contact on body & lens, external body & screens.
THEN we clean the sensor using 3 or more techniques.
MOST all cameras used professionally should receive a good wet cleaning at least 2 x a year to remove the "Scuzz"  (the sticky deposits on the sensor glass).

K&R dirty clean sensor

WHY Lens Calibrations

With MOST interchangable lens DSLR's there is a high probability that your various lenses will require "body to lens" calibration or "micro adjustments" so that the lens focuses properly with your "Autofocus" system.  WHY, (you say), because bodies & lenses are manufactured on a mass scale and all have a +/- tolerance.  Lens Calibrations can correct this using the camera &/or lens computers to compensate for these variances.  K&R will run tests and adjust to the closest settings possible with your equipment.  Each body & lens combo = 1 calibration, 1 body & 3 lenses Special for price of 1.
Please Note: Only camera bodies with "AF fine tuning" can be "calibrated".

K&R Front Focusing problem

Front Focus

Front Focus can be seen in a lot of head shots when you focus on the eye and the nose is what is in focus.

K&R Rear focusing problems


Back or Rear Focus is usually seen when working with large apertures and focusing on a foreground element, and the focus ends up sharp on a background.

K&R Best Focus Calibrated & Corrected focus

BEST focus

A properly calibrated autofocus gives you the freedom to shoot & develop quickly with confidence that your shots are actually focused where you set the AF point.


Color Management has come a LONG way since we started working with the earlier concepts, a lot of CM, was in fact, made up of "Smoke & Mirrors".  Today CM is a reliable method of Viewing, Transferring & Printing images with a good degree of confidence and accuracy.  This is accomplished with a combination of Calibrations and precise Profiles of the various devices involved and software.   This can only be accomplished with the use of Colorimeters or Spectrometers and the associated software.  K&R does this as a service or can rent you the equipment  & offer paid training.

K&R camera Adjustments, camera profiling


A proper Camera Set-up is essential, using a RAW Workflow & proper processing software.  A good camera profile is the foundation of excellent color control.

K&R monitors Profiling & monitor calibration


The window into your color.  A GOOD Monitor is important if you desire superior color response.  Calibration & a high-end PROFILE is essential

K&R Color aware Software, Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity, Phocus


Color Aware software can make full use of profiles from all devices involved and control conversions from one to another

K&R can build high end profiles for Printers


Printers speak a foreign language compared to Cameras & Monitors.  Profiles allow the translations to color space for the best possible color in the print

Card / Data Recovery

About a 95% success on camera cards

If the Drive rotates and dosen't "Clang", chances are very good.
If drive has bad motor, or circuit board or broken heads, we may still be able to recover using our friend that does high end drive servicing at reasonable rates.

Again a very high probability of success.  If physical damage or "Dead" controller there is still hope, if data is worth it in $ and time.

Most services are "in house" and turn-around can be very quick if needed.
Rates can vary based on time & difficulty.  Images can be burned to CD, DVD, Thumb drives or Hard drves.

K&R data recovery, card recovery, memory recovery

Classes that Work for You

With MOST cameras & especially with new cameras there are a LOT of functions, buttons, settings that are new to all of us.  WHY, (you say), Progress brings changes.  So whether you are just starting or are an experienced pro, sometimes we just need some guidance to save time and sanity.
Our classes are mostly 1:1 because this gets your questions and answers for your particular needs, to the point and clearly done.

K&R Camera training, camera instruction

Camera Basics

Shutter Speeds
Auto settings:  Full - A - S
White Balance

K&R We help photographers


Your Questions & Problems
Individual Instruction
Focus Issues
Exposure Problems
How & Why of settings
RAW or .jpg & why

K&R one on one detailed help & instruction

More Advanced

1 on 1  Detailed Problem Solving
Consistency Issues
Quality on Shooting & Processing
Whatever you need, we will try to address to get the best results

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K&R furnished most of the equipment to put together this reproduction of Ansel Adams Darkroomn for the Taft as part of the Ansel Adams exhibit. 
We hope everyone enjoyed seeing how Ansel's Darkroom worked as a part of this wonderful display of some of his work.

K&R Ansel Adams Darkroom reproduced for the TAFT Museum