Used Equipment

K&R's Pre-Owned equipment is not just used or abused.  We do not just buy used stuff at shows or over the net.  We know most of the gear we buy from our customers, it's history & how it was used.

K&R is perfect for pro photographers and anyone interested in a good value and good Pre-Owned equipment that has been checked out and assured to work as described.

K&R has been providing equipment, services, supplies and helpful assistance for the photographic community since 1975.  Trusted & reliable.

K&R offers professional services for the photographic community, such as Sensor Cleaning, Monitor Profiling, Lens Calibrations, Consulting, Repair services, on location or @ K&R.

• K&R assumes No liability for usage / usability.  Please test.
• Used is checked & believed to represent condition listed.

K&R TEST BOX Color Resolution & Detail


All K&R's NEW equipment is covered by the Manfacturer or Distributer Warranty.  Extended Warranties are offered for most products.


K&R's Pre-Owned inventory is thoroughly checked, cleaned & tested before being offered for sale.


K&R Warrants most of it's Pre-Owned equipment for 30 days for repair, replacement or return as determined by K&R.

Cameras 35 & SF Used

Also see MF & LF Sections
We have many more items please ask - Call for requests

 Mfg Item  (12/14/2012)                       Details Condition   #   12/14
Nikon  F3 film body35mm FFExcellentKRU8182
Nikon D700  body12.1 mpxExcellentKRU8682
Nikon  D706.1 mpxExcellentKRU7199
Nikon D4 body16.2 mpxExcellent +KRU7941
Nikonos  IV-A - blkUnderwater FilmExcellent +KRU8196
NikonD2X body12.4 mpxExcellentKRU7893
NikonF5 body - blk35mm FilmExcellentKRU8593
Nikon  D300 body123 mpxGoodKRU8771
NikonF4 body - blkFilmVery GoodKRU6308
Leica  SOLDM6 Black.72 finderMintKRU5452
Nikon D5100 body16.2 MPixExcellent +KRU8958
Nikon  D810 body36.3 MPixBargainKRU7169
Canon  EOS -1V w/power drive booster35mm filmLike NewKRU8197
NikonD81037 MPixExcellent +KRU7737
CanonRebel G - blk35nn filmExcellent KRU0345
CanonRebel T7 w/18-55mm / 75-300mm lenses24.1 mpxLike NewKRU8292
Nikon FA body35mm FilmExcellent +KRU8953
Nikon D600 w/MD-14 grip24.3 mpxExcellentKRU8943
NikonD7500 body20.9 mpxExcellent +KRU8971
Nikon D500 body20.9 mpxExcellentKRU8961
NikonD850 digital body45.7 mpxExcellent KRU7880
Canon EOS 5DSR50.6 mpxExcellent +KRU7154
Nikkormat FTN35mm FilmVery GoodKRU8911
Canon AE-1 - chrome35mm FilmExcellentKRU0379
Canon   AE-1 Program 35mm FilmExcellent KRU8650
Canon  EOS -1DX body18.1 mpxLike NewKRU8542
Nikon  D7000 body16.2 mpxLike New -KRU8575
Canon 5D  body12.8 mpxExcellentKRU8763
Nikon Z6II mirrorless body24.5 mpxExcellent +KRU8960
NikonD80036.3 mpxExcellent +KRU7014
Pentax  SOLDSuper Program, SLR35mm FilmExcellentKRU6803
Canon   5D Mark II body21.1 mpxExcellentKRU7194
NikonF2A body - chrome35mm FilmExcellent +KRU8861
NikonEL2 body - chrome35mm FilmExcellent +KRU8261
NikonFA body35mm filmExcellent KRU8844
Nikon Z7II mirrorless body45.7 mpxExcellentKRU8934
Nikon D85047 MPixExcellent +KRU8935
Canon Elan IIe w/24-80mm lens35mm FilmExcellentKRU0008
Canon EOSRebel 2000 Chrome35mm FilmExcellent KRU7317
NikonN8008 Blk35mm FilmGoodKRU7084
Nikon  D300S w/MB-D1012.3 MPixExcellent KRU8944
NikonN80 Black35mm FilmGoodKRU7056
Canon EOS Rebel T3 w/18-55mm lens24 mpxExcellentKRU8917
NikonD750 body24.3 mpxExcellentKRU8785
NikonNikormat FTN Chrome35mm FilmGoodKRU7049
VivitarBig View BV3535mm FilmExcellentKRU7042
Nikon DF body16.2 mpxExcellent KRU8106
CanonEOS 1DX body18 mpxExcellent +KRU7153
Nikon D810 body36.3 mpxGoodKRU8772
Canon1DX Mark II20.2 mpxExcellent +KRU7018
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Lenses Used NIKON Mount   #1

PAGE 1 OF 2   Also see used Canon & others   

 Mfg & Mount Item Details Condition    #   
Nikon16-35mm f/4GFX AF-S ED VRMintKRU6708
Nikon  Z 28-75mm f/2.8FF ZLike New -KRU8658
NikonZ 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VRDX ZLike NewKRU6988
Nikon85mm f/1.8GFX  AF-SLike NewKRU8978
Nikon      105mm f/2.8GFX AF-S ED VR MacroLike NewKRU8974
Nikon    35mm f/1.8GDX  AF-SExcellent +KRU8576
Nikon    70-200mm f/2.8G IIAFS  VRVery GoodKRU8941
Nikon 55mm f/3.5FX AI MicroExcellentKRU8865
Nikon17-55mm f/2.8AFSExcellentKRU6869
Nikon    35mm f/2.8 PCNon AI - manual focusExcellentKRU8181
Nikon18-105mm f/3.5-5.6GED VRExcellentKRU8741
Nikon12-24mm f/4GDXLike New -KRU8691
Nikon300mm f/4NPF EDExcellent+KRU8681
Nikon 16mm f/2.8DAF FisheyeLike New -KRU8588
Nikon24-85mm f/3.5-4.5GFX AF-S ED VRExcellent +KRU6684
Nikon16-35mm f/3.5-5.6GFX AF-S ED VRLike NewKRU8572
Nikon70-300mm f/4.5-5.6GFX AF-S ED VRLike NewKRU8570
Nikon  SOLD16-35mm f/4GFX ED VRExcellent +KRU6149
Nikon  SOLD 500mm f/8 reflexFX w/filtersExcellentKRU6359
Nikon     300mm f/4AF ED IFLike New-KRU8220
Nikon17-35mm f/2.8FX AF-S Excellent KRU6100
Nikon  55-200mm f/4-5.6
AF-S DX ED VRExcellent +KRU7162
Nikon    10.5 f/2.8GAF DX fisheyeLike New -KRU8690
Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6EFX ED VRExcellent +KRU8937
Nikon    17-55mm f/2.8IF ED DXExcellentKRU8939
Nikon180mm f/2.8AF EDGoodKRU8811
Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6GIIAF-S GIIGoodKRU7030
Nikon70-200mm f/2.8EFX FL VRExcellent +KRU8938
Sigma - N70-300mm f/4-5.6DDL MacroExcellentKRU6482
Sigma-N18-50mm f/2.8DC MacroExcellentKRU5535
Tamron - N180mm f/3.5Di MacroExcellentKRU5764
Sigma-N50mm f/1.4 ArtDG HSMExcellent +KRU7006
Nikkor24-70mm f/2.8G EDAF-SExcellent +KRU6785
Nikon   50mm f/1.8 Series EAF FXGoodKRU7158
Nikkor 200-400mm f/4GAF-S ED SWM VR IFExcellent +KRU8460
Nikkor Z16-50mm f/3.5-6.3DX VRLike NewKRU6988
Nikon60mm f/2.8AF-S FX MacroExcellent +KRU6913
Nikon    85mm f/2.8DPC micro tilt/shiftExcellent +KRU8269
Tamron - N18-270mm f/3.5-6.3Di-II VC IFExcellentKRU7037
Tokina-N12-24mm f/4ATX DX Pro Excellent KRU6959
Tamron-N28-200mm f/3.8-5.6 IFAF NikonGoodKRU6987
Nikon     70-200mm f/2.8VR1  AF-S Very GoodKRU8946
Nikon    20mm f/2.8DAF DExcellent +KRU8697
Nikon     SOLD50mm f/1.8AFSExcellent +KRU6962
Tamron-N    SOLD18-400mm f/3.5-6.3Di-IIVC HLDExcellent +KRU7137
 Nikon  18-35mm f/3.5-4.5DAF EDExcellent KRU8566
Nikon  SOLD80-400mm f/4.5-5.6DD  AF  VR FXBargainKRU7107
Nikon    SOLD28-300mm f/3.5-5.6AF-S VR FXExcellent +KRU6961
Sigma-N    SOLD35mm f/1.4 Art FXExcellent KRU7016
Nikon18-55mm f/3.5-5.6GAF-P VRLike NewKRU7074
Showing entries (as of 12/19/2020)(filtered from total entries)

Lenses Used NIKON Mount  #2

PAGE 2 OF 2.   Also see used Canon & others   

 Mfg & Mount Item Details Condition    #   
Nikon.      200mm f/4/D IF ED MicroFX Like NewKRU7256
Nikon85mm f/1.4AF-S FX Excellent +KRU8107
Nikon80-200mm f.2,8D ED SWMAF-S FX Excellent +KRU7257
Nikon70-200mm f/4G ED VRAF-S FX Excellent +KRU7292
Nikon12-24mm f/4 EDAF-S DXLike New -KRU7342
Nikon85mm f/2.8D PC MicroAF FX MFLike New -KRU7343
Nikon  SOLD50mm f/1.8AF-S FX Excellent KRU8088
Nikon  SOLD18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VRIIAF-S DX Like New -KRU8086
Nikon  SOLD60mm f/2.8AF-S FX Excellent +KRU8078
Nikon24-120mm f/4G ED VRAF-S FX Excellent +KRU8053
Nikon  70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G AF  FX Excellent +KRU8716
Nikon85mm f/1.4GAF-S FX Excellent KRU7572
Nikon35-70mm f/2.8DAF FX Excellent KRU7574
Nikon180mm f/2.8EDAF FX Excellent +KRU7656
Nikon500mm f/8 ReflexFX Very GoodKRU7657
Nikon55mm f/2.8 Micro AIS MFFX Excellent KRU7668
Nikon17-55mm f/2.8G ED IFAF-S DX Excellent +KRU7407
Nikon70-200mm f/2.8G FL ED VRAF-S FX Like NewKRU7559
Nikon24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S FX Excellent KRU7569
Nikon  45mm f/2.8 GN PancakeExcellentKRU0434
Showing entries (as of 12/19/2020)(filtered from total entries)

Lenses Used CANON & Other Mounts 

Also see Nikon above 

 Mfg & Mount Item Details Condition  # 
Canon85mm f/1.4LEF IS USMExcellent +KRU6884
Canon    SOLD24mm f/2.8EF-S STM MacroLike NewKRU7011
Sigma - C120 - 400mm f/4.5-5.6 Apo DG HSMExcellentKRU5448
Canon24-105mm f/4LEFExcellentKRU7012
Sigma - C15-30mm f/3.5-4.5DG IF EXExcellentKRU5827
Sigma - C18-200mm f/3.5-6.3DC OSExcellentKRU6418
Sigma - C. Sold18-35mm f/1.8Art HSMLike NewKRU5976
Sigma - C  SOLD15-30mm f/3.5-4.5 DG IF EXExcellentKRU
Tamron - C18-200mm f/3.5-6.3DI II VCExcellent +KRU7013
Tamron - C60mm f/2Di II MacroExcellentKRU5794
Canon  200mm f/2EF USM ISLike New-KRU7152
Canon70-300mm f/4-5.6LEF IS USMExcellentKRU6113
Canon100mm f/2EF USMExcellentKRU5442
Canon  SOLD70-200mm f/2.8LEF ISExcellentKRU5768
Canon    SOLD100-400mm f/4.5-5.6LEF IS USM push-pullExcellentKRU5398
Canon  SOLD50mm f/1.8EF-S STMExcellentKRU5947
Voigtlander15mm f/4.5SW Helier (Leica M)Excellent +KRU5459
Zeiss  SOLD35mm f/1.8 Planar TLeica MLike NewKRU5494
Tamron - C    SOLD45mm f/1.8Di VC USDLike NewKRU6024
Canon180mm f/3.5LEF Macro USMExcellentKRU5769
Canon FD    SOLD50mm f/1.8FDExcellentKRU6435
Canon  EF-S    SOLD28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ISEF-SExcellentKRU7174
Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 ISIIIEF-SExcellent +KRU7171
Canon  50mm f/1.8IIEF ExcellentKRU7189
MEOPTA Openar20mm f/1.8 Cine movie lensCineVery GoodKRU6846
Canon EF  35mm f/2EF ExcellentKRU7188
Canon EF80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 IIEF BlackLike NewKRU7090
Canon EFS  SOLD18-55mm f/3.5-5.6ISIILike NewKRU7087
Canon EFS    SOLD55-250mm  f/4-5.6EF-S STMExcellent +KRU7067
Canon FD50mm f/1.8FD mountVery GoodKRU7055
Canon EFS  SOLD10-18mm f/4.5-5.6EFS IS STMLike NewKRU7048
Canon EFS18-135mm f/3.5-5.6EFS IS NanoLike NewKRU7047
Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USMEF USMLike New -KRC7700
Canon EF  SOLD100-400mm f/4.5-5.6EF L IS Excellent +KRU8104
Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6EFS IS II NanoExcellent +KRU8105
Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USMEFExcellentKRU7190
Canon EF  SOLD50mm f/1.8 STMEFExcellent +KRU7271
Canon EF  SOLD100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USMEF IS USMExcellentKRU7284
Canon EF75-300mm f/4-5.6 IIIEFExcellentKRU8093
Canon EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USMEF IS USMLike NewKRU8085
Canon EF50mm f/1.2LEFExcellent +KRU8065
Canon EF50mm f/1.8 IIEFExcellent +KRU7671
Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USMEF USMExcellent KRU7663
Canon EF  SOLD75-300mm f/4-5.6 IIIEFExcellentKRU7516
Canon FD35-105mm f/3.5 MacroFDExcellentKRU7482
Canon FD50mm f/1.4FDExcellentKRU7404
Canon FD50mm f/1.8FD ExcellentKRU7537
Canon EF50mm f/1.8 IIEFLike NewKRU7387
Showing entries as of 12/19/2020(filtered from total entries)

MF Cameras & Lenses

Cameras & Lenses are cleaned, checked & Tested
K&R Warranties used equipment for 30 days / Additional Warranties Available
We have many more items please ask - Call for requests

 Manufacturer Item Accuations Condition #
Leaf HAptus 75  (33MPix) 
Hasselblad V -SOLD503CW chrome bodyEx
Sinar  (V adpt)Emotion 75 (33MPix)
Hasselblad V -SOLD503CW chrome bodyCameraEx5555
Hasselblad Ferrari (Red)H4D-40 FerrariLimited EditionLN-5377
Hasselblad H
 H5D-50c WiFi SLRLN-5725
Hasselblad H
HCD 28MM f/4.0SLRLN-4784
Hasselblad V
 500 ELM black bodySLRLN-6056
Hasselblad / Imacon
CF39MS digital back V or HBackLN-5953
Hasselblad V -SOLD
150mm f/4 T* CF lensLN-5617
 54M  (22MPix) BackLN5147
Phase One    (V)
Phase One Lightphase IR  (V)
(6MPix) no IR cutBackLN-5157
Hasselblad H3DII-39MS
(39MPix) Multi-ShotSLRLN-5723
Hasselblad H
Hasselblad H
HC 150N f/3.2LN-5960
Mamiya   SOLDC220 bodyTLR  2 1/4 SqVery Good5924
Mamiya 65mm f/3.5TLR 2 1/4 SqGood6810
Mamiya 105mm f/3.5TLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent +6809
Mamiya Blue Dot80mm f/2.8TLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent 6814
MamiyaRB Pro Body6x7Good7133
Mamiya-Sekor127mm f/3.8  f/RB6x7Excellent 7132
Bronica SQ-AI w/120 mag6x6Excellent +7131
Mamiya-Sekor90mm f/3.8  f/RB6x7Good7130
Hasselblad V500 C/M body-chrome2 1/4 sqVery Good7128
Hasselblad VA12 film magazine-chrome2 1/4 SqExcellent +7127
Hasselblad V503CX body 2 1/4 SqGood7126
Hasselblad VA24 film magazine-blk 2 1/4 SqGood7125
Hasselblad V150mm f/4 CF T*  blk 2 1/4 SqExcellent +7077
Hasselblad VMagnifying hood 2 1/4 SqExcellent 7080
Hasselblad VPME45  prismfinder 2 1/4 SqExcellent 7008
Yashica-Mat 124 G w/80mm f/3.5TLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent
Yashica-MatEM-Blk No meterTLR 2 1/4 SqGood7122
Yashica Mat124-G w/80mm f/3.5 lensTLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent +7120
Mamiya-Sekor180mm f/4.5TLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent 7117
Mamiya-Sekor  SOLD135mm f/4.5-blk in CaseTLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent 7085
Mamiya80mm f/2.8  AF f/645645 AFExcellent 7065
Mamiya 90mm f/3.8 f/RB6x7Good7064
Mamiya RB  Pro S body 6x7Good7063
Mamiya120 film magazine f/RB6x7Excellent 7062
MamiyaAE Prismfinder  f/RZ676x7Good7061
MamiyaPorrofinder in CaseTLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent 7034
Mamiya105mm f/3.5 DTLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent 7033
Mamiya  SOLD80mm f/2.8TLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent 7032
MamiyaC220 Professional bodyTLR 2 1/4 SqExcellent 
Hasselblad V250mm Zeiss2 1/4 SqNEW 
Hasselblad V180mm Zeiss2 1/4 SqNEW 
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LARGE Format & Lenses

Cameras & Lenses are cleaned, checked & Tested
K&R Warranties used equipment for 30 days / Additional Warranties Available
We have many more items please ask - Call for requests

 Manufacturer  Item Condition KR #
Sinar F4x5
Linhof KARDON8x10
 Bgn 5555
SINAR P33.5X3.5LN5954
Cambo C4x5VG5479
Hasselblad / Imacon
CF39MS digital backLN-5953
Sinar  (V adpt) -SOLD
Emotion 22 backLN-2047
Rollei Shutter Control S
for Rollei Electronic ShutterLN-$995.
Sinar P2 8x10
Sinar P2 
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Lighting Used

We have many more items please ask - Call for requests

Mfg Item Details # / $
Bron 3043200 wsVG7209
QuantumTurbo 2x2 Battery PackExcellent +6633
Mole Richardson Fresnel1KVG
Bardwell & McAlisterKEG Fresnel1K6"
Profoto Pro 54800Ex, serviced
Profoto Pro 52400Ex, serviced
Norman 40/40-SOLD4000 WSEX-5839
Norman P40004000 WSGood5982
PhotogenicPowerlight 600Ex+KRU5922
Elinchrom ELi 500500 wsLN-5558
QuantumBatteries & Heads Vg+Ask
Lowel Tota T1-10(750 W Quartz) w/ ScreenEx-#5260
Nikon SB-800SpeedlightEx#7590 $149
Bardwell Fresnel 750 QEx
Mole Richardson Scoop 2K Focusing ScoopEx 18"  Cat #8181#5642 $299
Broncolor 6066000 wslooks good?
Broncolor Cumulite Double 7'x7' ?Motorized Rails avail
Alien BeeABR Ring LightLN#5820 $295
PhotogenicPowerlight PL750PSEX+KRU6180
White LightningUltra ZAP 800LN#6493 $95
PhotogenicPowerlight PL375PSLNKRU6179
WestcottSpiderlite TD6NEW NOS$199
WestcottSpiderlite TD5NEW NOS$149
Broncolor Scoro A43200ws RFI RFSBron refurbished#7240 $
Broncolor Pulso 21600wsEx, serviced#6721 $1499
Broncolor HAZY lightw/ 301 StandEx#5374 $799
Novatron V240D Kit2 Heads 2100c, 2140cFlash w Case#6560 
Norman 4000PS4000wsExcellent-
Profoto Pro 3A2400 wsRefurbished7234
Broncolor HAZY Bi-TubeHead, 2 tube, 2 cableShort Duration#5658
Windowlight, Lucifero1 meter x 2 meterFlash or Cont#5040 $2550
Dynalight M1000xr Kit2 2040 Heads, IRT1Flash w/ Case#5223 $1295
Profoto Acute 1200Alpha 12Flash, serviced#6741
Alien Bee Ring ABR800Self Contained Ring FlashEx, Flash #5820 $295
LightBrush FiberOpticCreeative Light WorksCont  
ProfotoAcute 1200 erefurbished  6774
Nikon SB-900Excellent6794
Nikon WT-5Wireless Transmitter  6792
Pocket Wizard TT5 w/ boxNikon 7623
Pocket Wizard Plus II Trans.any7633
Pocket Wizard AC3Nikon 7631
Novatron400mMonoflash 6849
Novatron200mMonoflash  6848
Alien BeeB 1600Monoflash  6788
Novatron KitV240D w/ case2100` 2140 #6560 $250
NikonR1C1  Close-up speedlight system6922
NikonSB-900Monoflash  6793
LGHTING StrikeLightningTrigger  6779
Elinchrom Ranger Quadra S Kit400ws Pack,2 bats, 2 headsw/ case & accs  6424
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Meters / Color Control / Calibration, etc

We have many more items please ask - Call for requests

Mfg ItemDetailsConditionKR #
GOSSENLuna Star AmbientExcellent +6832
GOSSENLuna Pro SBC AmbientExcellent +6830
QuantumCalcu-Flash SFlash & AmbientExcellent +6829
Minolta Color Meter II w/ caseExcellent#7834
Minolta Auto Meter IV F w/ caseExcellent#6346
Minolta Spot Meter M w/ caseExcellent#6183
Minolta Flash Meter IV w/ caseExcellent#7785
Minolta Flash Meter III w/ caseExcellent#6348
Minolta Flash Meter III w/ caseExcellent#6348
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Cameras & Lenses are cleaned, checked & Tested
K&R Warranties used equipment for 30 days / Additional Warranties Available
We have many more items please ask - Call for requests

ManufacturerItemCondition #
Cambo Mono7ft
Arkay Senior10ftVG4786
Arkay Senior8ft
 Linhof HD Pro TripodCrank-Up VGKRC
Arkay Senior12ftVG6044
10ft /Geared Cross armEX5375
Bogen Super Salon 280
Mole Richardson Ski-High 13'Light Stand Steel w/ CastersEX#5650 $345
Manfrotto420B Combi-Boom StandEX6858
Bogen Super Boom3021 ChromeEX#6033 $395
Photogenic Roller Stand8' Steel Heavy Base 4 casterEX#6565 $180
GitzoGilue Reporter TripodEX6840
SlickAble 300DX TripodEX6833
FOBA   (new $12,426)+10 ft  DSS ALPHA (AROBE)EX (443 lbs)5872 
Saltzman 9' ?Canera StandEx / HeavyKRC
Mole Richardson Baby 8'Light Stand Steel w/ CastersVG#5651 $245
Cambo UST9ft Geared Cross ArmVG6031
FOBA Combi TubeFoba Combitube Maxi KitEXKRC6035
Arkay Junior6' w/ Manual liftEX-#
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Wet Processing

Traditional Film & Paper Equipment, by Hand or Automated, B&W & Color
We have many more items please ask - Call for requests

ManufacturerItem Details Condition# / $
~K&R has a LOT of Used~Darkroom Equipment~Ask us for what~you want~to Buy
Omega D2D2 4x5 EnlargerEx
SS Sink40" x 6' x 8"Ex
King ConceptImageMaker IIFilm ProcessorEx$750
GraLab Timer300Large Ex$50
Richards Print Washer40"Ex$75
IlfordPrint ProcessorEx$750
Omega D6D6 EnlargerOmega's BEST everEx$750
King ConceptFilm Dryer CabinetEx
Kreonite Film Dryer CabinetLargerEx
Kreonite C-41   10"KM 35mm to 10" FilmEx
Kreonite PortaMixer 10 gal.Ex
Bessler Table Top Processorpaper 16" B&W or ColorEx
Omega D34x5w/ Condensor headEx
KODAKProcess tray Yellow16x20Ex$25
Phillips EnlargerTriColor PURE Colour2 1/4 x 3 1/2Ex$1495
Omega D ?2 1/4 x 3 1/2Ex
Rodenstock135mmRodagon lensEx
Thomas DUCSafelight w/tubeSodium VaporEx$249
KodakSafelight w/OC5 1/2" BulletEx$59
Kodak Model DSafelight w/o filter10 x 12Ex$79
JOBO ATL-3Processor AutoAll Films Ex$5995
Kreonite Sink5 ft Fully PlumbedGreen, as-isEx?$595
DeVere 504 Enlarger4x5 Pro Color Head Counter w/ CranksEx$1495
Richards WasherRound for PrintsCup to 16x20 ?Ex-$79
Archival WasherGravity Works 11 x 14 10 slotsEx+5311  $495
Leitz Enlarger35mm Pro w baseboardEx$249
Time-O-LightEnlarger Timer Ex$35
Arkay Dual Dri 150  Dryer Rotary Prints  Gloss or Matte to 16x20Ex-$495
JOBOVarioformat EaselEx-6854
Omega11x14 4 bladed easelEx-6843
Kreonite RA4RA4   50"Used
Durst Enlarger 4x5 4x5 Pro EnlargerEx
Easels     16x20 to 4x5"Various Mgf,s & Sizes
Trays20x24 to 5x7"Various Mgf,s & Sizes
Durst 13810x10Chassis or Complete 
Durst 4x5 for wall montPavelle Head & PSEx
Omega B22 2 1/4 Sq or smallerCondenser Head w/ BBEx#
King / Arkay Enterprise ProcessorFilm &Paper ComputerizedEx#
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ManufacturerItem Details Condition $
Epson 4900 17"RefurbishedEx995
Epson 9900 44"Head issuesVG300
NEC24" Monitor5678Ex$
Apple CRT17" MonitorDVIEx200
HAS Imacon ScannerFlextight III4x5Ex4900
HAS Imacon ScannerFlextight II 5x7 & smallerEx3500
Epson 9900Printer 990044"Parts?
Epson P800Printer P80013"New OBSOLD
NIKON 8000Film Scannerup to 6x17cmEx / Serviced
Kodak 8650DyeSub Printerup to 8 1/2 x 11Ex / Serviced
Epson P800Ink Jet Printerup to 13"Perfect Test
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