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  • Color Management
  • Digital SENSOR Cleaning
  • Digital Workflow Analysis
  • RECOVERY of Camera Cards & HD's
  • Profile Creation
  • One Site Color Problem Solving
  • Lens Micro Calabration for + / -  FOCUS
  • Systems Design and Installation
  • On Site Training in many areas of production

K&R can help you or your organization with most workflow and color related issues. We can consult, analyise and train anywhere and for any organization small or large.
K&R has the industry and personal connections to coordinate and solve almost any issues that confront the creative process from photography & production to final output. Many "Color Problems" that we have been consulted on turn out to be simple color-flow and communication issues. Many times when this is happening there are a lot of "Finger Pointing" that has everyone on edge. We can act as the independent outside consultant to sort out the broken links and help fix their causes, and keep all relatively happy.
Call or eMail and let us help.

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