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Used Equipment

K&R's Pre-Owned equipment is not just used or abused.  We do not just buy used stuff at shows or over the net.  We know most of the gear we buy from our customers, it's history & how it was used.

K&R is perfect for pro photographers and anyone interested in a good value and good Pre-Owned equipment that has been checked out and assured to work as described.

K&R has been providing equipment, services, supplies and helpful assistance for the photographic community since 1975.  Trusted & reliable.

K&R offers professional services for the photographic community, such as Sensor Cleaning, Monitor Profiling, Lens Calibrations, Consulting, Repair services, on location or @ K&R.

• K&R assumes No liability for usage / usability.  Please test.
• Used is checked & believed to represent condition listed.



All K&R's NEW equipment is covered by the Manfacturer or Distributer Warranty.  Extended Warranties are offered for most products.


K&R's Pre-Owned inventory is thoroughly checked, cleaned & tested before being offered for sale.


K&R Warrants most of it's Pre-Owned equipment for 30 days for repair, replacement or return as determined by K&R.

Cameras Used

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Mfg Item                                   Details Condition #
NikonD700016.2 mpxExcellentKRU5943
Nikon D700 w/MB-D10 battery grip12.1 mpxGoodKRU5942
Canon5D Mark III22.3 mpxExcellentKRU5946
Canon5D Mark III22.3 mpxLike NewKRU5944
NikonD520024.1 mpxExcellent +KRU5970
Canon70D20.2 mpxExcellentKRU5883
CanonT5 w/18-55mm lens18 mpxExcellent +KRU5868
Nikon N6006 - filmFilmGoodKRU5844
Canon20D8.2 mpxFairKRU5824
LeicaM6 Black.72 finderMintKRU5452
NikonD2X12.4 mpxGoodKRU5807
NikonD20010.2 mpxExcellentKRU5805
Canon7D Mark II20.2 mpxMintKRU5966
Canon5DS50.6 mpxLike NewKRU5731
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX310.1 mpxExcellent +KRU5759
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Lenses Used

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Mfg & MountItemDetailsCondition#
Rokinon - C12mm f/2.8 ED AS FisheyeExcellent KRU5921
Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G EDAF-S  DXExcellent +
Sigma - C12-24mm f/4.5-5.6DG HSMExcellentKRU5918
Canon75-300mm f/4-5.6 IIIEF Excellent +KRU5917
Nikon105mm f/2.8FX MicroExcellent +KRU5913
Nikon35mm f/2FX  AFExcellentKRU5912
Nikon50mm f/1.8DFX  AFExcellentKRU5911
Sigma18-35mm f/1.8 ArtAPS-CExcellent +KRU5976
Canon24-105mm f/4LEF IS USM ExcellentKRU5907
Tamron - C70-200mm f/2.8Di non VCExcellent +KRU5906
Nikon70-300mm f/4-5.6DAF ED FFExcellentKRU5903
Nikon16-85mm f/3.5-5.6GAF-S ED DX VRExcellent +KRU5901
Nikon35mm f.1,8GAF-S DXMintKRU5897
Nikon85mm f/1.8GAF-SMintKRU5888
Canon24-70mm f/2.8LEF ISII USM ExcellentKRU5878
Tamron - C70-200mm f/2.8AF Di LD macroExcellentKRU5871
Canon75-300mm f/4-5.6 IIIEF-S ExcellentKRU5869
Nikon50mm f/1.8GAF-S FFExcellent +KRU5867
Sigma - C15-30mm f/3.5-4.5 DG IF EXExcellentKRU5827
Canon100mm f/2.8EF Macro USMExcellent +KRU5826
Canon18-55mm f/3.5-5.6EF-S ISIIExcellentKRU5825
Nikon55-200mm f/4-5.6GDX ED VRExcellentKRU5813
Tamron - C60mm f/2DiII MacroExcellentKRU5794
Nikon80-200mm f/2.8DFX AF ED ExcellentKRU5789
Sigma - N18-35mm f/1.8ArtExcellentKRU5886
Canon18-135mm f/3.5-5.6EF-S ISExcellentKRU5780
Sigma - C8mm f/3.5EX DG fisheyeExcellentKRU5781
Canon180mm f/3.5LEF Macro USMExcellentKRU5769
Canon70-200mm f/2.8 L EF IS USMExcellentKRU5765
Canon300mm f/4LEF IS USM ExcellentKRU5681
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MF Cameras & Lenses

Cameras & Lenses are cleaned, checked & Tested
K&R Warranties used equipment for 30 days / Additional Warranties Available
This section is not complete yet - Call for requests
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ManufacturerItem Accuations Condition #
Hasselblad VCF 80mm f/2.8300LNLN
Leaf HAptus 75  (33MPix) 
Phase One VH10  (11MPix)5678Ex5133
Sinar  V adptEmotion 75 (33MPix)
Hasselblad Ferrari (Red)H4D-40 Ferrari2456LN-5377
 H5D-50c WiFi LN-5725
Phase One 
H20  (16MPix)LN-5156
CF39MS digital backLN-5953
Sinar  (V adpt)
Emotion 22 backLN-2047
 54H  (22MPix) LN-5953
Phase One    V
H25  (22MPix)LN-5153
Phase One Lightphase IR  V
(6MPix) no IR cutLN-5157
Hasselblad H3DII-39MS
(39MPix) Multi-ShotLN-5723
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Lighting Used

This section is not complete yet
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Mfg Item Details
Profoto Pro 32400 w/sEx, serviced
Bron 3043200 w/sVG
NikonSB xxx
Profoto Pro 54800Ex, serviced
Profoto Pro 52400Ex, serviced
Norman 40404000EX-
Norman 2000Ex-
Elinchrom500 ELLn
Lowel Tota2000Ex-
Lowel Quartz D2000Ex-
Bardwell Fresnel 750 QEx
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Buy Now /
Get Protected

What do you need or desire for your business or personal use?  You can buy it now using our easy lease options, new or used.  Protect your investment with our extended Warranty options.

Click Here to get a custom lease quote ASAP

Extended Warranties are usually available for new or pre-owned equipment.
Some new warranties even cover acidental & water damage

Wet Processing

Traditional Film & Paper Equipment, by Hand or Automated, B&W & Color
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ManufacturerItem Details Condition $
K&R has a LOT of UsedDarkroom EquipmentAsk us for whatyou wantto Buy
Omega D2Credo 33MPixLN
SS Sink40" x 6' x 8"Ex
King ConceptImageMaker IIFilm ProcessorEx750
GraLab Timer300Large Ex50
Richards Print Washer40"Ex75
IlfordImageMaker IIPrint ProcessorEx750
Omega D6ImageMaker IIFilm ProcessorEx750
King ConceptFilm DryerFilm ProcessorEx
Kreonite Film DryerFilm ProcessorEx
Kreonite C-41 10"KMEx
Kreonite PortaMixer 10 gal.Ex
Bessler Table Top Processorpaper 16" B&W or ColorEx
Omega D34x5w/ Condensor headEx
KODAKProcess tray Yellow16x20Ex25
Phillips EnlargerTriColor2 1/4 x 3 1/2Ex495
Omega D2 ?2 1/4 x 3 1/2Ex
Thomas DUCSafelightSodium VaporEx
KodakSafelight5 1/2" BulletEx25
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Printers - Scanners - Monitors

Anything Related to InkJet & Computer Accessories - Software - Rips
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ManufacturerItem Details Condition $
Epson 4900 17"RefurbedEx995
Epson 9900 44"Head issuesVG300
Apple CRT17"DVIEx200
Imacon ScannerIII Hasselblad4x5Ex4900
HAS Imacon ScannerPhoto 2 1/4 Ex3500
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